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First Impressions

As I write this blog on March 1, 2017, I am thinking about the idea of “firsts.”

There is something about firsts that is so fresh and inspiring and hopeful, even if that first is changing the calendar from one month to the other!

We all realize the value of firsts since we so often celebrate them: a baby’s first birthday or first step, a child’s first day at school, the first prom a teen attends, and so many more.

And then there are the firsts that are newsworthy: George Washington—the first president of the United States of America (1789); Thurgood Marshall—first African American Supreme Court justice (1967); Dr. Sally K. Ride—first female astronaut to ride in space (1983); Apple iPhone—first cell phone to allow computer activities (2007); Anne Devlin—first time (and last) that I ever rode a horse (1990). Wait! That’s not famous nor worth celebrating!

We also remember firsts throughout our lives. I remember the first time I set foot on the Maria College campus twenty-nine years ago to meet with the Academic Dean for an interview about an English teaching position. I sat in the lobby of the Main Building and admired the stained glass window that graces that area still. (That stained glass window actually has a wonderful history. Click here to check it out at this site created by Maria’s own professor, Barbara Ruslander.

There are first impressions, too, which Maria College students who are graduating this May and heading out to job interviews should be mindful of! As the old saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” A professional outfit and well-done resume are essential first-impression tools. Drew Ledoux, Assistant Dean of Student Life, here at Maria is a great resource if you are preparing for those job interviews. Drew’s office can be found in Mercy Hall. Learn more about Career Services.

I wish you many happy firsts as we move through the month of March!

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