• Classes for this spring semester may be delivered in a range of ways: hybrid, virtual asynchronous, virtually asynchronous, or in-person with physical distancing and limited class sizes. Whatever delivery method, students will have access to necessary learning materials through Blackboard.
  • Although faculty members may determine it is easier to begin the semester in a totally remote fashion rather than attempt to allocate scarce classroom space equitably, should an instructor determine a return to the lecture classroom later in the semester is feasible, students will be notified. Those unable to attend in person will have the opportunity to access lectures through synchronous (live) streaming and/or lecture recordings.
  • Some nursing instruction will continue to be delivered remotely, with most labs and clinical training in person, subject to physical distancing, personal protection, and hospital protocols.
  • If your class is meeting in person and you prefer to study remotely, please discuss this with your faculty member. If there are particular circumstances related to COVID-19 that require you not be on campus e.g., you are immunocompromised or caring for an elderly relative, please contact Jon Coller-Takahashi who will discuss your temporary accommodation needs.
  • For Nursing students: If there are particular circumstances related to COVID-19 that prevent you from attending clinical practice or lab class on campus, please contact the COVID Care Coordinator and Jessica Napoli-McNally.
  • Maria College recommends COVID-19 vaccination in the strongest terms for all employees and students unless they have clear medically established and documented reasons for not doing so. In addition, students should be aware that some clinical sites will require the vaccination, Maria has no control over that, and except in circumstances of a clear, medically established reason for a student not being vaccinated, Maria cannot be responsible for rearranging clinical assignments to accommodate a student’s decision to forego vaccination.

In-person or Online Classes:

  • Faculty will be in touch with you and your classmates through the college’s Bb learning management system to notify you how the class will operate.
  • It is essential to your success that you can access the course Blackboard (Bb) site on a regular and routine basis.
  • The course Bb site will have information about in-person instruction, synchronous remote instruction and asynchronous remote instruction as well as access to all necessary course material. If you have any questions on the course materials, please reach out to your faculty member.

If you need help with Blackboard, please email Dr. Jason Coley and he will assist you. He will respond within 24 hours. If for some reason, you do not receive a response, please email and one of the Student Support Team will help you.

Assignments and Examinations

  • Most exams and assignments will be assigned through Bb and you will use Bb to turn in your assignments and to take many of your exams.
  • For students with accommodation needs, please contact our Accessibility Services Office and they will advise you on how your accommodations will be organized for your course.
  • Our Accessibility Services Officer can be reached by emailing

Skills Labs and Science Labs

  • Certain classes, such as skill labs and science labs will have to utilize in person educational methodology.
  • In such cases the faculty member responsible for the course will be in touch with you through the course Bb site to give you information about when you will be scheduled for your in-person lab meetings.