Faculty Spotlight: Usha Palaniswamy, Ph.D., M.Ed, MBA

“I strongly connect with Maria’s Mercy mission of service, scholarship, justice, hospitality, and diversity- an exact match to my personal mission in life!  I feel privileged to be a faculty member at Maria College where I feel respected, supported and experience a warm, caring, and inclusive culture on a daily basis. It is rewarding to work with students who aspire to achieve their career goals, overcoming personal and social challenges and barriers along their way! 

I serve as the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Herbs, Spices and Medicinal Plants, a double-blind peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Taylor & Francis. I am a member of the Sigma Alpha Pi (ΣAπ), the National Society of Leadership and Success; Delta Mu Delta (ΔΜΔ), the business honor society; and Alpha Eta, the honor society of allied health professions.  I serve the global community through volunteer assignments in developing countries through USAID projects- in the past five years, I volunteered in Benin, Jamaica, Malawi, Egypt, Ghana, Guyana, Guinea, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. Volunteering my time and sharing my expertise with people that would not be able to obtain and experience otherwise gives me an opportunity to have an impact in their lives, adding personal and social values. ” -Usha Palaniswamy, Ph.D., M.Ed, MBA