Faculty/Staff Spotlight: Cait York, Director of the Office of Accessibility Services

My name is Cait York, and I am the Director of the Office of Accessibility Services here at Maria College, as well as an Assistant Dean of Students. I came to Maria because I was looking for a place that values student diversity and the unique contributions that students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences bring to the College and to the wider community after they graduate. When I learned about Maria’s role as an Opportunity College, I knew that this fit with my view of student support.
My shift from working as a public-school educator to higher education was because I wanted to become even more student centered, and Catholic higher education is a wonderful place to do this. I was also drawn to Maria for its focus on social justice and environmental stewardship as well as the holistic approach to our world and serving the people in it. All those things are evident here. My role here at Maria as the Director of the Office of Accessibility Services is focused on serving the population of students with documented disabilities, everything from anxiety and depression to Learning Disabilities and Physical impairments. My goal is that our office be a place where students feel seen, heard, valued, and are given a voice. I am passionate about advocating for students, encouraging their own self-advocacy, and being a constant champion of equity in academics. I want our students to know that having a disability or access need is part of their story, that it can be both a roadblock and a steppingstone, and that we are here to support them in all their goals.