Maria Stories

Chavonte Edwards, LPN

Chavonte Edwards, LPN student at Maria College, recently participated in Student Aid Advocacy Day with our Higher Education Opportunity Program staff and students. She shares what she was able to relay to the senators during their Zoom call:

“Hello, my name is Chavonte Edwards. I was born and raised in Albany, NY. I currently go to Maria College, and I am also in the HOPE Opportunities program. I am excited to be in my first year of nursing school at Maria College. The HOPE program has helped me tremendously in so many ways – financially, physically and spiritually. I tell people all the time Maria College has saved my life, and I say that because it is true. When I joined the Opportunities Program I was a lost soul trying to be successful in my academic career. HOPE has helped me improve my professional grammar, step out of my comfort zone, financially with books and with guidance for a better life. I ask that you please stand up for student aid because of individuals like me and others who are trying to stop generational curses but who are struggling because of the lack of support for us and our dreams. On January 22, I read an article by Kirk Carapezza, “Medical Schools See Record Enrollment Increase Among Black Students.” The article talks about how health outcomes are improved when the patients have a doctor who looks like them. I am inspired by these stories, and I hope to inspire others with my story of how Maria College’s HOPE program gave me the chance to prove to myself that I can be successful. I hope you will be inspired by my story to stand up for all students who depend on state funding for their education.” – Chavonte Edwards, LPN

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