“The diversity of courses in the liberal arts program is amazing – you can grab pieces of knowledge and apply them to your life. Maria shows students how to go out into the world and become a better person.”

Maria Stories

Jennifer (Jenni) Mullet, BA in Liberal Arts with concentration in communication studies

Jenni selected Maria first because of its small class size, interesting instructors who provided a unique classroom experience and the ties to the Sisters of Mercy. She stated, “Maria is small, quaint, and personal. It has that human touch that connects me to the faculty, staff, and fellow students. The small class size lead to great discussions and allow each student time to share stories, their goals and desires, and time to get into world issues.”

She credits Maria and the liberal arts curriculum for strengthening her critical thinking skills and helping her to think about how to get involved to make a difference in the world. She also likes the diverse population at Maria and learns from her fellow students too.

She chose Liberal Arts because of her wide and varied interest in many subjects. According to Jenni, “ Liberal Arts provides me a way to stay true to myself and honor my varied interests and still follow a plan of study to earn a degree. I’ve taken classes in religion, business, ethics, social media, humanities, biology, bereavement, psychology, sociology, writing, and economics. I’ve developed skills in listening, critical thinking, appreciation for diversity, writing, communication and mentoring. The Maria Liberal Arts curriculum has made me a well-rounded asset to my employer.”

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