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Maria Story: Molly Hay, Nursing, AAS (RN) ‘21

Molly Hay, ’21 senior in Maria’s ADN program, shared a wonderful perspective about how through administering the Covid vaccinations she was becoming a part of history. Since Molly works in the ER, she was able to receive her vaccination as soon as it was available. She shared, “I felt I needed to be a good example. It is just what needs to be done to keep us all healthy and moving forward to get everyone back to a normal life without masks.”

Molly vaccinated quite a few first-responders and shared that through this experience she feels like as a community, people are coming together. Working in these high-risk jobs has without a doubt been a taxing, emotional ride. Molly said, “It feels liberating to be able to give the vaccine to high-risk populations–I feel like I am doing my part to make this all better. If I can do my little part to get us all back to living again, I’ll do that all day!”

Personally, it was very significant for Molly herself to receive the vaccination as she has not been able to see her grandmother, who has cancer, for over 10 months. Molly shared heartfelt sentiments, “Since I got fully vaccinated a few weeks ago, I have been able to be home with my grandmother and take care of her. For me, that is a beautiful thing.”

Molly Hay, ‘21
Nursing, AAS (RN)