Business Office

You’ll find Maria’s Business Office exists to serve our students in an efficient manner with excellent customer service. Located in the central corridor of the Main Building we provide a convenient waiting area and private seating for carrying out your financial transactions. 

  • Refund Policy

    Students incur tuition liability at time of registration. All students who intend to withdraw/drop any course must do so in writing and submit this documentation to the Registrar’s Office in the Main Building. The date of this transaction will determine if a tuition refund is due.

    Students withdrawing for medical reasons incur the same liability as those withdrawing for any non-medical reason.

    Non-attendance in a course does not constitute either a drop or withdrawal from the course or limit your financial obligation. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of the tuition refund policy, how to officially withdraw from a course, and the deadlines to add, drop or withdraw from a course. If a student withdraws/drops after Federal financial aid has been awarded, but prior to completing a majority of the course classes, the College may need to refund some of the awarded aid to the government. That amount would then become an obligation of the student.

    For all students who withdraw with the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs or are dismissed, a refund of tuition will be made accordingly:

    Day and Evening Students:
    Withdrawal during first week of semester (Add/Drop week) – 100%
    Withdrawal during the second week of semester – 80%
    Withdrawal during the third week of semester – 60%
    Withdrawal during the fourth week of semester – 40%
    Withdrawal during the fifth week of semester and later – no refund

    Weekend Students:
    Withdrawal before first weekend session – 100%
    Withdrawal before second scheduled weekend – 80%
    Withdrawal before third scheduled weekend – 60%
    Withdrawal after third scheduled weekend – no refund

    Summer Session Students:
    Withdrawal during the first week of session – 80%
    Withdrawal after the first week of session – no refund

  • Credit Balances

    If a student has a credit balance on his or her account they have five days in which to indicate that they would like to leave the balance on the account to cover future charges. If they have not so indicated within five days the credit payment will be delivered to them via a check payment posted to their permanent address or held for them in the business office.