Alumni Career Services

Maria College Career Services provides information and assistance to alumni in their professional development and pursuit of meaningful careers. The Center will empower you to pursue educational pathways that fulfill your dreams and passions while living the Maria mission of service to others. Regional employers are encouraged to register in the Career Services database and to provide you with learning and employment opportunities. It’s our goal to engage in mutually beneficial partnerships with employers, faculty, and students that meet the needs of an evolving workforce.

Our services include

  • individual career planning
  • resume critiquing
  • mock interviewing
  • job search preparation

Please contact Maria Career Services today. We are eager to help Maria alumni network with employers and identify opportunities that will provide lasting value for all parties.

  • Appointments and Walk-ins

    Take the opportunity to utilize our staff to help answer career-related questions, offer résumé/cover letter critiques, provide interview advice, and assist with internship or employment opportunities.

    Appointments can be made, based on availability, during regular office hours. Evening and weekend students should contact the Career Services Office to make arrangements for alternative meeting times.

    Walk-ins are available on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Career Assessments

    Career Services staff will guide you through a variety of assessments to help you better understand yourself and those around you.

    • MBTI Personality Assessment Seminars
    • Résumé and Cover Letter Resources

    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Personality Assessment states, “Just as each of us has distinctive fingerprints, so too, do you we have different preferences for how we perceive the world and make decisions that guide our everyday behavior. These preferences, in large part, shape our personality. The purpose of this survey is to provide a brief profile of your personality preferences with respect to four dimensions: extraversion/introversion; sensing/intuition; thinking/feeling; and judging/perceiving. The labels associated with each of these dimensions are value free. In other words, a preference for a pattern of behavior associated with one end of a continuum is not necessarily better than the other. Likewise, in some dimensions, you may exhibit a strong preference, while in other dimensions you may be more evenly balanced in your preferences. The most important thing to keep in mind is that there are no right or wrong answers.”

  • Network

    Build Your Professional Network
    Building and maintaining a strong professional network is a crucial factor to finding success in today’s competitive job market. Associating with the right people in your professional and personal life could open doors to limitless opportunities. You would be surprised at how strong your network base already is, regardless of your career status.

    Tips to get started:

    • Identify your goal and consider how developing a professional network could help you to reach your goals.
    • Identify and document contact information of those in your network that you already know.
    • Friends, family, employers, classmates, and professors are all important to consider.
    • Provide contact information for each individual in an organized word document.
    • Conduct outreach and think about who this contact ring could introduce you to.
    • Expand your professional network.
    • Get involved on campus. Joining clubs, organizations, or even fitness courses can introduce you to new ideas and individuals that you might not have otherwise known. Create study groups and network with those that you spend much of your time with already.
    • Gain relevant experience through service learning opportunities, internships, field work, and through on or off campus employment.
    • Use social networking websites like LinkedIn to establish a professional online presence.
    • Attend professionally-relevant events hosted on campus or in the Capital District.
    • Maintain your professional network by remaining in contact with everybody in your circle.
  • Jump start your career

    Get Started
    Résumés summarize acquired skills  and experiences in a concise manner to potential employers, supervisors, and even graduate school programs. This individualized marketing tool should serve as a representation of each person’s varied abilities and experiences. Although there are many styles of effective résumé writing, guidelines should be met with in order to create a document that reflects your qualifications. Your résumé is the first impression that a potential employer/graduate school will have of you. A well written résumé should be able to captivate a target audience and convince them to invite you back for a second interview. Résumés are important for students at any level. They can certainly help to land a part-time job, secure an internship opportunity, or assist in the admissions process for a graduate or certificate program.

    Résumé Development

    • Define your target audience. If not yourself, who are you developing your résumé for?
    • Put your past experiences to paper. Complete this résumé writing worksheet to help compile your ideas.
    • Organize your résumé into appropriate headings to effectively showcase your qualifications.
    • View sample résumés by major.
    • Complete the Résumé Checklist.
    • Cover Letter Development

    Your cover letter is going to serve as the tool that invites your audience to review the qualifications listed on your résumé. You are writing with the goal of being selected for an interview, and ultimately the position. A series of simple guidelines can help you along the way:

    • Cover letters should be single spaced and contain three to four paragraphs.
    • Double space between paragraphs.
    • Fit your cover letter to one page.
    • If being sent by mail, personally sign all cover letters in black ink.
    • Use the same font and print on the same paper as your résumé.

    Remember: a well-written cover letter increases the chances of being selected for an interview! Continue to proofread until you perfect your document. Stop in or make an appointment with Career Services to have a staff member review your rough draft!

    Resume and Cover Letter Resources
    Résumés & Cover Letters – Riley Guide
    Cover Letter and the World
    Cover Letter Articles

  • New Career Focus

    It is never too late to assess your career and professional ambitions. Even if you have experience in a professional career, it may be worth your time to evaluate your abilities and aptitudes, take a look at your personality type and see what you think.

    Career Services can help you with a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, we can talk about the results and what the implications may be for you.

    There are always options, whether it be continuing your education or getting a new perspective on your workplace.

  • Look for your dream job

    As a current student of Maria College, you have been pre-registered, at no cost to you, to use Career Service’s online job board/career resource system. 

    Follow the steps below to access your account:

    1. Go to
    2. Click the “Students” icon 
    3. Click the “Forgot your Password” link in the Sign in area
    4. Enter your label for the Student ID in the ID field
    5. Enter your School Email Address (or whatever is appropriate) 
    6. Select “Find Account” button

    An email will be sent to you to recover your account in order to set your password and finish the registration. Once you “Save Changes”, you will immediately be able to access the services from your account Dashboard.

    With the online job board you can:

    • Search for a variety of opportunities posted exclusively to our school.
    • Search the national job board, Jobs Central®, which includes 500,000 jobs from tens of thousands of unique sources.
    • Build a résumé and career portfolio with innovative and user-friendly tools.
    • Access hundreds of career articles written by industry professionals.
    • Watch career videos and listen to over 70 career advice podcasts.

    Employers may search for candidates, so it is imperative that you have a résumé and/or portfolio uploaded highlighting your credentials. We don’t want you to miss out on any opportunities!

    This service is provided by Maria College Career Services to bring you the latest information on current job opportunities.