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Maria Faculty Speak to the Press on Covid-19

Maria College is known for its excellent programs in nursing and healthcare, in the capital district and beyond. During this Covid-19 crisis our alumni, professors, and instructors have on the front lines of this battle, and they also have been educating the public on how to stay safe and healthy. A few recent news stories featuring Maria instructors and faculty members are below:

Carla Theimer, Ph.D. is the Chair of Health Sciences and Director of Health & Occupational Sciences Program at Maria. She holds a doctorate in biochemistry. She spoke to the media on April 30th to explain the differences between antiseptics, disinfectants, and anti-bacterial products when dealing with the coronavirus. 

Maria alumn Wes Atwood RN ’16 is a critical care instructor in our Associate Degree in Nursing program and also an ICU nurse at the region’s largest hospital. He shared his perspective on Covid-19, and intensive care nursing, during this crisis.


News Channel 10 interviewed Maria College nursing instructor Jennifer Zelezniak RN on the different types of face masks being worn during the COVID-19 pandemic and their functions. Aside from being a nursing instructor, Zelezniak is a mask fitter at St. Peter’s Hospital.