Alumni Spotlight

James Matthew Carrol ’13, MS, OTG

Occupational Therapist

Capital Living Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre

Alumni Spotlight: May 2016

What led you to Maria College?
I found out about Maria College from some co-workers who had gotten their degrees from Maria. I was immediately attracted to the program once I got to meet some of the teachers and students during my interview.

What do you remember most vividly about your time at Maria College?
The most vivid memory I have of my time at Maria College is being in class with Scott and Lisa as professors. They both always did such a great job presenting information in interesting and new ways, and always made sure we had a solid understanding of the material before moving on to a new subject. I also remember that it takes exactly 9 minutes to get to Dunkin Donuts down the street and back on a break, but that is a whole different lesson.

How did Maria prepare you for your next step?
Maria College gave me a great start to my professional career in Occupational Therapy, and I am grateful for that every day. The amazing dedication of all the professors and staff gave me the necessary foundation to begin and continue my education, as well as my career. I began my career as an OTA at a local rehabilitation hospital, where I found a great number of practical applications for the vast knowledge base I gained at Maria. As I continued on with my educational career and completed my OT degree at Utica College, I continued to tie in experiences and lessons learned at Maria. Now as I continue my career in sub-acute rehabilitation and skilled nursing, I will continue to incorporate the foundational skills I learned from Maria, as well as new skills and knowledge I gained at Utica College. 

What would you consider your greatest professional accomplishment?
I consider my greatest professional accomplishment to this point to be graduating from a Master’s level program at this stage in my life. Many people tell me that they are amazed that I completed so much educationally at such a young age (23 years old at the time).  I would also consider passing my COTA exam to be a great accomplishment, and as a new OT graduate, I again find myself preparing for a NBCOT exam.

While I am still at the beginning of my professional career, I look forward to many more great accomplishments in the future.

What piece of advice would you give to our 2016 Maria graduates?
My greatest piece of advice for all new graduates is to follow your dreams, never give up, and fight for what you want to accomplish. Always be ready to accept new challenges and remember that even though your college career may be coming to a close, or for some it’s just the beginning, always be dedicated to lifelong learning. Always strive to be the best that you can be, and don’t accept anything less.

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