Alumni Spotlight

Janeen Javoroski ’17, BS, RN

School Nurse

Alumni Spotlight: June 2017

What led me to Maria College?
I graduated from Maria College in 2002 with my Associate Degree in Nursing. I wanted to further my education and career by obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and was excited that my alma mater had a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Nursing completion program that met the needs of a working nurse and mother.

What do I remember most vividly about my time at Maria College?
My memories of Maria College are how supported I felt by the professors and how they guided me in expanding my view of nursing and the critical role that we have in patient care and in the future of the nursing profession.

Did you have a favorite teacher/professor?
I value all the professors at Maria who guided me on my journey through the BSN program. Each professor had a unique style and challenged me to be the best student and nurse that I could be.

Tell us about your career path.
After graduating from Maria in May of 2002, I started working at Ellis Hospital in January of 2003 on the Adolescent Mental Health floor. I loved working with children so much that I have been a nurse on the floor for almost 15 years. On the Adolescent Mental Health floor, I found a passion caring for adolescents who are experiencing mental health issues and trauma in their lives. I recently accepted a position as an elementary school nurse in my children’s school district and start this September. My new position will allow me to balance my work and life while continuing my passion of providing care for children.

What would I consider my great professional accomplishment?
I would say my greatest professional accomplishment is each time I made a difference in the life of a vulnerable adolescent.  I consider each time that I touched the life of my patient or their family— and helped them get through a difficult time—a success. Over time that builds into a career of providing care to a vulnerable population.

What piece of advice would I give to current Maria students?
My advice to current Maria student is that all the hard work and dedication to pursing higher education is an investment in yourself and your family. The beginning of each semester can be overwhelming but as Professor Argust always said, “You can do anything for 15 weeks”! This advice put everything in perspective and when you look back at your time at Maria College, you can say that anything is possible with determination and the right attitude. 

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