Alumni Spotlight

Katherine A. DeRosa, ’75

Instructor for Arts and Sciences and Management

Katherine A. DeRosa, Instructor for Arts and Sciences and Management, is a long-standing friend and staple of the Maria College community. DeRosa has served on Maria’s faculty for approximately 40 years and has an unwavering commitment to the College’s mission of providing opportunity education in the Mercy tradition.
After completing a degree from Maria College in 1975, she went on to earn a bachelor’s and more than one master’s degrees from The College of Saint Rose.
Over the span of her career, DeRosa has taught hundreds of Maria’s students, many now alum, in courses related to business and accounting. She currently teaches requisites of the Maria Healthcare Management (B.S.) program. This program is designed for aspiring managers who want a broad understanding of today’s healthcare system. Students learn about the technological, clinical, and business aspects of healthcare and how to apply that knowledge in a variety of settings.
DeRosa serves as Vice President for Mission Services and Community Health and Wellbeing at St. Peter’s Health Partners. In her leadership capacity, she contributes to the strategic operations of the organization, ensuring the Mercy Charism and core values are upheld to every extent. This role includes the oversight of efforts related to community wellness and initiatives designed to address the social influences of health.
She was instrumental in the development and implementation of the SPHP RN-BS Degree Completion articulation, along with Maria College leadership, including her Mission Officer counterpart, Victoria L. Battell, Senior Vice President and Chief Mission Officer for Maria College. The fourth cohort of this partnership is set to begin in Fall 2021.
Her experiences at Maria College sparked DeRosa’s passion for education and the importance of mentorship, particularly among women. “I have a track record of supervising interns from the College, usually three each year,” she said. “I’ve seen many graduates secure professional opportunities within SPHP because of their academic experiences at Maria.”
DeRosa has always held Maria College, and the Sisters of Mercy, in the highest regard, and she continues to seek advisement from the Sisters whenever she can. “The Sisters instilled values I’ve carried with me,” she said. “They taught me what it means to be grateful, and to share with others at every possible opportunity.”
“My time at Maria College has been extremely formative. The lessons I’ve learned from my experiences, and under the tutelage of the Sisters, have guided me throughout my life. I am forever grateful.”

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