Alumni Spotlight

Linda Kindlon ’04


Bake For You, Albany, NY

Alumni Spotlight: April 2016

In 2009, Linda Kindlon, a graduate of Maria’s Bereavement program and a self-taught baker, opened her bakery in the St. Paul’s Lutheran Church on State Street in Albany, NY. By 2013, she had tripled her sales and outgrown the space. Bake For You is now located on Delaware Avenue.

What led you to Maria College?
I liked how small Maria College was and it reminded me of my high school where I was taught by the Sisters of Mercy.

What do you remember most vividly about your time at Maria College?
Maria felt like home. Everyone was friendly, helpful and welcoming.

Did you have a favorite teacher/professor?
I have two.  Anne Devlin and Sister Jean Roche. They both made me think, and enjoy learning. I always left them eager to return.

How did Maria prepare you for your next step?
Maria helped with my confidence, challenged me to be my best and supported me along the way. 

Tell us about your career path.
I had a lot of interest in bereavement studies and intended to follow that path but my dream was to be a baker and the confidence I gained from Maria helped me realize that dream and now I own a bakery! And it bring me joy that my children are such a big part of the business.

What piece of advice would you give to current Maria students?
My advice is to get your education, follow your dreams and embrace the guidance that the Maria College family offers.

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