Book Worms

Even though technology has progressed throughout the years and become a major part of learning, grabbing a good old-fashioned book is still essential. For instance, for me, Financial & Managerial Accounting was one course that I definitely needed the physical book to learn from. Whether you are buying books or selling them back, Maria College offers help to every student. Here are a couple of things you may not know about Maria College’s resources when it comes to books!

Book Buy Back

In the Maria Campus Store, there’s a program that happens at the end of each semester called the Book Buy Back program. At the end of each semester, simply bring your used textbooks into the Maria Campus Store and get an offer for them! Why waste gently used books, especially if they could have some use to another student. Recycling books is a great way to get some extra cash and help a fellow student out! Swing by the Maria Campus Store and see how much you could be getting back! Ask Mary Riker, the Maria Campus Store manager, for more information.

Direct Access Program

Maria College offers a great program called the Direct Access Program, otherwise known as DAP. The Direct Access Program was created so that patrons of the College’s Library can borrow materials directly from participating libraries throughout the Capital District. This is great if you’re looking for a particular book or even journal article that Maria doesn’t offer. Maria provides you with a resource that lets you obtain those books which are delivered to our campus so that you can pick them up right in the Maria College Library! In order to use this program, you must have a DAP card that you can get from Maria’s Library. Please visit the Library to obtain more information and access to the DAP.

Book Rentals

The Maria Campus Store also offers book rentals for textbooks. Stop by the Maria Campus Store and check to see if your textbook is available to rent through the rental kiosk. You can also check out the selection online. This is definitely worth checking out, especially for your elective classes. 

I hope that these resources for books help you out while you are studying at Maria College!

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