A Legacy of Mercy: 175th Anniversary

December 21, 2018 Service to Others
What does Mercy mean to you? To Catherine McAuley, the founder of The Sisters of Mercy, it meant to care for the economically poor, to provide shelter and educate women and girls in Dublin, Ireland. Since their foundation, the Sisters of Mercy have spread worldwide. On December 21, 2018 a celebration to honor Mother Frances Warde, Sister Elizabeth Strange, Sister Josephine Cullen, Sister Veronica McDarby, Sister Aloysia Strange, Sister Philomena Reid and Sister Agatha O’Brien…
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Little Words of Thanks

November 20, 2018 Mission & Values
As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday this week, I am thinking of the power of the two little words that we use at this time of year: Thank you. Of course, the English teacher in…
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Core Values Blog Image

Values and Dignity in Relationships

November 1, 2018
Many years ago I heard a talk that stuck with me on the importance of knowing our values. Knowing our values allows us to make informed decisions when faced with important choices in life, and…
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Sisters of Mercy Conference: Nonviolence

October 15, 2018
This past weekend I had the fortunate experience of attending the Sisters of Mercy bi-annual conference on justice. This year’s theme was nonviolence. What made this conference extra special was its location. Mercy By the…
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Breast Cancer Awareness Logo

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In the summer of 2007, a few of my colleagues from RPI and I participated in the Susan G. Koman 3-Day, a 60-mile walk to end breast cancer. I had no personal connection to breast…
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