International World Water Day

March 22, 2019 Mission & Values
Happy World Water Day Maria Family! Today, March 22 is international World Water Day as observed by the United Nations. As many of you know, Care of the Earth is one of the Sisters of Mercy’s Critical Concerns, so it only seems fit we celebrate! I figured we could celebrate by learning a few facts about Earth’s Water as we celebrate her today. Earth does not gain or lose water.  It simply gets converted between…
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So Why Maria College?

March 21, 2019 Share Your Story
When I was contemplating attending college, I wanted a similar experience that I had in high school. I graduated from a small school in Rensselaer County where you knew everyone in your class along with…
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International Day for Women

March 8, 2019 Mission & Values
Today, we recognize and celebrate the International Day for Women. Maria College was founded by a strong group of women dedicated to the advancement of women through higher education. We continue this mission, in the…
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Heart Health

February 28, 2019
As February wraps up, I reflect back on our theme of heart health. Here at Maria, we have been fortunate to have programing revolving around physical heart health, as well as emotional heart health. Starting…
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Something New at Maria College – American Sign Language

February 20, 2019 Find Your Course
This semester Maria College began to offer American Sign Language (ASL) as an option to meet a course load requirements. Laura Cooper, an adjunct faculty member, presented a fun-filled semester of signing, Deaf Culture, and…
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