Breathing Lights Exhibit

As you probably know from many of my past blog posts, I am a tried-and-true resident of the wonderful Capital District. I grew up in Albany, attended school (including college) in Albany, and have lived my entire life in the area (25 years in the same house even!!!). This city has so much to offer, and one such offering is going on now: the Breathing Lights exhibit.

This exhibit can be seen from now until November from 6pm to 10pm every night in Albany, Schenectady, and Troy. You can get all of the information about the exhibit by clicking here. I had a chance last weekend to take a drive to downtown Albany where I saw some of the Breathing Lights exhibit which is beautiful, surreal, and too real all at the same time. The exhibit is intended to draw attention to the “blighted and vacant properties [which] are a persistent and costly problem throughout the United States, taking a heavy toll on economic growth by taxing government and community resources.” I am heartbroken to see areas of the Capital District that I love so much fall into neglect, and I truly hope that this exhibit raises awareness about this neglect and sparks solutions.

Maria College’s strong connection with the Sisters of Mercy allowed me to make a connection between what the exhibit hopes to do and what the Sisters of Mercy Taking Action initiative is doing: “To fulfill the Mercy commitment to a more environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on Earth, we launched this initiative to inspire behavioral, policy and guideline changes at the personal and institutional levels.” Learn more.

Please take time to visit some of the Breathing Lights exhibit, and in whatever way each of us can, let’s take action along with the Sisters of Mercy. 

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