Facebook for Fun and Profit

As I sit at my computer writing this blog, the current temperature is about 40,000 degrees with the humidity at 700%. Well…maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but let me tell you, it is hot and sticky outside!

As many of you probably do, on days like this, I stay tucked away inside with the air conditioning on and find myself inevitably in front of my computer. In addition to what I do every time I sit at my computer such as check my email, I also check out my Facebook news feeds. 

Now, I know there are all sorts of feelings about Facebook, both positive and negative; however, I am going to argue for what I have found to be a real positive for my Facebook use. 

Of course, I keep up with what is going on with (or “into” in terms of food!) my friends and family, but I have also found that Facebook can be a real time-saver in terms of finding information that I can use for my work as a teacher at Maria College and in my own life in terms of keeping a home and being the ONLY ONE (Sorry. That shouting was aimed at my husband.) who cooks meals. 

Instead of scouring the gazillion web sites on the internet or combing through countless magazines and professional journals, I just “Like” certain Facebook accounts, and information comes to my personal news feed all the time. Very often, that information is so new to me that I would not even know that I should be looking for it!

So, here are some of my favorite Facebook accounts by category. Maybe, you will find a few that you will “Like”:

  • News: National Public Radio (NPR)
  • BuzzFeed (including BuzzFeed News and BuzzFeed Food!)
  • New York Times
  • Albany Times Union
  • Upworthy

Teaching: Almost all of my “Likes” on Facebook factor into my teaching in some way, but here are a few specifically valuable to teaching itself—

  • TED Talks and TED-Ed
  • Edutopia
  • PBS
  • American Library Association (ALA)


  • Tasty
  • Cooking Light
  • The Chew
  • Food Network


  • Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (I can’t stay awake to really watch the show!)
  • Pop Sugar
  • Tiny Home Tours

And just like everyone who goes on the internet (yes, that includes me and you!!! Let’s just admit it!), I really Like the cute and funny cat stuff from the account called “And My Cat.”

Until next time  . . .



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