Gearing Up

A New Academic Year

Summer? What summer? Can you believe that the new academic year is about to begin here at Maria College on Monday, August 29?

As a student and a teacher throughout most of my life, I have always considered New Year’s Day to be the first day of school rather than January 1. I actually really look forward to the start of a new school year as a world of possibilities begins.

I vividly remember gathering school supplies when I was a student – pencils, pens, paper notebooks. However, today’s students gather some supplies that didn’t even exist when I was a college student: laptops, smart phones, e-books.

As a matter of fact, each year, Beloit College in Wisconsin releases a “Mindset List” about what their incoming eighteen-year-old freshmen have always had in their lives or have never experienced in their lives. 

Check out the list for the freshman class of 2016 that will graduate in 2020.

As you gather your supplies for the new academic year, be sure to spend some time in the Maria Campus Store.

I wish you a great start to the new semester!

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