International Day for Women

Today, we recognize and celebrate the International Day for Women.

Maria College was founded by a strong group of women dedicated to the advancement of women through higher education. We continue this mission, in the Spirit of those founding, pioneering women who were inspired by Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy.

Catherine believed that there was nothing more beneficial of good to society than the careful education of women, as she felt that wherever they were, their presence would always possess influence.

This year, 2019, the Mission Animation Team is focusing on this Critical Concern: Special Concern for Women. Please be on the lookout for programming which helps raise awareness of this issue.

Today, I invite you to remember the women in your own lives who have influenced you, and spend some time acknowledging the women who continue to inspire and empower you in your life and work.

Please direct any comments to: Thank you for all of your efforts in support of our mission.

“We believe that women’s education, health and spirituality need special attention. We continue this mission in our schools, colleges, health-care institutions and spirituality centers. We advocate for equal pay, for services for domestic violence victims, and for the rights of girls and women in especially repressive societies.”

Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
Special Concern for Women

Victoria L. Battell

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