Overcoming Challenges

It is difficult to lose sight of what is important during a time of stress. We often overwhelm ourselves with information, and find ourselves with more questions than answers. When this happens we feel stressed, anxious, and sad. We are often unsure of what to make of these feelings, and feel a loss of control within our lives. It’s important to remember that what we are feeling is normal and expected given the present circumstances. These circumstances are scary; however, a challenge anyone of us can overcome with the right motivation and mindset. 

We have control over how much we allow feelings and emotions to negatively impact us. We do this by acknowledging how we feel and embracing these emotions rather than pushing them away. When we push emotions away and ignore them, they come back stronger a second time. When we push feelings away and fail to process them you condition yourself to process these feelings in appropriately. These negative behaviors contribute to increased anxiety, stress, and depression.

Instead, we identify that they are a part of life, and we as individuals are strong enough to process them. We have been strong enough in the past; therefore, can be strong enough once again. We utilize friends, family, pets – anything important to us to help process these feelings during these stressful times. We identify what we have rather that what we do not. We recognize that feelings and emotions can be positive and we are capable of overcoming any challenge that provokes them.

-Mike Wascho, Mental Health Counselor


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