Quiet, Please

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! Let’s take a moment of silence to honor our phenomenal public and college libraries, places where silence can, indeed, be golden.

As we wrap up finals week here at Maria College, I am made ever-more mindful of the valuable place our campus library is along with all of the other college and public libraries in the Capital Region.

And I am seeing how, contrary to what some predicted, libraries are not going away in this age of the internet but, rather, are becoming community places where all sorts of resources and activities take place…..with no fees attached!

As a matter of fact, a recent Siena College Research Institute poll that was conducted for the New York State Library Association determined that 30% of New Yorkers rely on public libraries as their main source of internet access.

I live just a few blocks from the Bethlehem Public Library which is an amazing community resource offering classes, story times for little ones, story times for big ones (also known as book discussion groups!), musical events, art exhibits, and so much more.

This library not only has books to lend but telescopes, metal detectors, wifi hot spot devices, GoPro cameras, ukuleles, lawn games, and much more! They even host a 3D printer!

The Albany Public Library’s various branches can help you complete your taxes, write that novel you have always thought about, or find a job.

And Maria College’s Library not only offers a bright, welcoming environment, but there are quiet areas for intense study, areas for group work, multiple computer stations, an Anatomy Café filled with biology models (even a life-size skeleton!), 19,000 print books, many of the best online databases for academic research, and highly qualified librarians including the Director of the Library Marisa Gitto.

While the New York State Library at the Empire State Plaza celebrates its 200th birthday this year by hosting a series of events, this month on May 7 and 8, librarians from around the country will be gathering in Washington, DC, for National Library Legislative Day which is a two-day event focused on “learning effective advocacy tactics and being briefed about pressing federal legislative issues that are impacting libraries. On the second day, they join other attendees from their state to meet with their members of Congress and rally support for library issues and policies”: 

So, please take a moment to honor libraries, and better yet, take some time to visit your local or campus library soon.

Until next time . . .


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