Sacred Spaces

There is something very beautiful about this spot in Madison, CT. I have returned to it often and have some cherished memories. I have seen many sunsets here, like the one I recently photographed.

Sacred spaces have always been important in my spiritual journey. There have always been places which connect me to a deeper part of myself, to Mystery and to the universe. I have only to close my eyes and think of this space and I can feel the peace of it infiltrate me. In every season it has a unique beauty.

The beauty of this shot reminds me of the Mystery which surrounds us at every moment. It is hard to photograph a sunset because you want to capture it at each changing moment; one moment seems more beautiful than the next. Every minute is slightly different, ethereal and gives another glimpse of the beauty of the expansive universe we are part of.

A few years ago, while navigating a difficult time, I wrote a poem in this place, a line of which often returns to me:

“I reverence the place

of beauty and silence

which surpasses the

hard moments

and gives them their proper place.”

I encourage you to name and remember some of the sacred spaces in your own journey which have spoken to you and which still carry a sacred power to still, and comfort, and animate you when you need it.

Of course, the most sacred of spaces is within our very selves, which carries its own sacred power.


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    How reflective a moments thoughts of a special place can clear the mind and urge a purpose. A wonderful honest reflection and Madison CT is a little piece of Heaven on Earth. Thankful.

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