Senior Presentation, Rachele Winney

Rachele Winney ’20, Healthcare Management, shared the following about her senior capstone project.

During my time as a student in Maria College’s Healthcare Management program, I learned valuable skills and tools to help me throughout my profession. Some of the classes I found most valuable and relatable to the healthcare workforce included Leadership in the 21st Century, Medical Sociology, Health Information Systems, Healthcare Ethics, and my Internship through Saratoga Hospital. 

In the program, we learned about leadership styles and personality types which has helped us as students and will benefit us as future leaders. My goals as a leader is to manage professional relationships, being aware of different personality types.Throughout the degree program we learned Health disparities, barriers, and outcomes which will help me identify needs within the community I serve.  I have also learned important topics within Health Information Systems including Telehealth services, HIPAA laws, the purpose of Electronic Medical Records, and the importance of data.

During my internship, I was able to learn the importance of managing relationships, real life scenarios, as well as how different departments within the hospital work together to achieve a common goal.  My favorite part of the Healthcare Management Program is that all of the professors are Healthcare professionals are working in the field. Therefore, I know my education is valuable and everything I have learned throughout my time here is relevant and useful in my field. 

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