Share Your Story: Christine Gryscavage, 1969

I am so glad my high school guidance counselor made me aware of Maria College. He said there was a small two-year Catholic college which had been exclusively for women entering the Sisters of Mercy. The college had started accepting lay women for about five years, whlle still educating the Sisters’ applicants.

My memories of the time I spent there are very special. The college was quite small then; I graduated in a class of fifty women in 1969. Even if we were in different degree programs, it was very likely that we would know most of the students and faculty. Since some of the women lived at St. Peter’s Nursing School, we had the experiences of dorm life. Each floor had a “dorm mother”, who was a Sister of Mercy, living on that floor.

I am and always will be most grateful for the education I received from the Sisters of Mercy during my time at Maria College.

Christine Gryscavage, Class of 1969

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