Share Your Story: Carolyn Novak, 1981

I was a single mom of 4 children ages 3 to 7 years of age. I was on public assistance with very little education. I went back to school to get a GED, then took some college preparatory classes to go to college. I started at Maria College in 1978 and graduated from the nursing class in May 1981. I had so much help from the nuns with finances to allow me to stay in school as long as my grades were a C average.

I am eternally grateful for everyone who helped me to succeed in graduating and becoming a nurse. I have worked several years in critical care and able to keep my children out of the welfare system. I am now almost 70 years old but still working full time but now I work in the field of addiction. I just wanted to say thank you after all of these years, which I probably should have said sooner.

-Carolyn Novak, R.N.

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    As a member of that class of 1981, I remember that many of us in the class , surely the minority, were “mature returning students “, struggling to take care of our families and maintain our acedemic status as well. I too am still working full time, but am grateful as well for the education I received at Maria, that was the foundation for an amazing career. Bravo Carolyn Novak!

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