Stress Relievers

While juggling work, studying, and finishing projects, I tend to get stressed and sometimes sick during the last week of the academic semester. I usually get a little cold that doesn’t go away until after finals are over and done with. This little cold makes me feel miserable when studying for finals. If you’re anything like me and let stress get the best of you, here are some tips and remedies to combat the “Finals Flu.”

Step Up Your Immune System

Try to incorporate foods that boost your immune system and keep you healthy! Fruits such as oranges are great because they are filled with Vitamin C which helps protect you during the cold and flu season! If you’re not a fan of fruit, try buying Vitamin C in pill form or even soluble tablets at CVS Pharmacy, which is located two minutes from Maria College! Other immune boosting foods include red bell peppers, broccoli, and garlic. Do your research and figure out which foods you like best, and you’ll be feeling better in no time!

Take a Breather

I’ve learned that being stressed never helps any situation! So I try to relax by taking a bath and using stress relieving products from Bath & Body Works. Sometimes I’ll even apply a facial mask if my skin decides to go crazy on me! All of these little things relax and calm me down for my finals the next day. Try to find little breathers that help you glide through finals week and make studying less stressful.

Accept the Unexpected

If you don’t do as well on a final exam as you thought you would, know that it’s not the end of the world and life goes on. I always go by the phrase: “Accept the unexpected.” This is a powerful quote because it reminds me that nothing is certain and that we should always keep an eye out for the positive and negative outcomes in life. I feel people should accept what could possibly happen, in case it does. A test does not define you!

Nor does stress define you, especially when there are practical ways to calm down and stay healthy!

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