That’s Life

Well, as the snow fell and blew around last week when so many of us here at Maria College in Albany were hoping for budding golden daffodils and warmer temperatures, many people simply stated, “That’s life . . . in the Northeast!”

With March 20, 2017, as the first day of spring, “that’s life” takes on a whole new meaning as we all look for signs of new life emerging from the long winter. How fitting is the upcoming springtime holiday of Easter which celebrates the triumph of life. As Jesus stated, “I am the resurrection and the life.  Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die” (John 11:25-26).

And how important is the need to patiently wait and prepare for life to blossom. I have been thinking about this waiting-and-preparing process a lot recently, not just because the nearly two feet of snow and really cold temperatures last week made me realize that the wait for signs of spring was going to last a little longer, but because of some events both public and private going on around me.

Baby HorseFor one, I recently became a great aunt for the second time as my oldest niece gave birth to a sweet little girl after nine months and a few extra days of waiting. (If you see me around, certainly be sure to stop me so that I can show you lots and lots of pictures of the baby and do some great-aunt gushing!) 

 Second, another sister and her husband, who take care of brood mares until they deliver their babies, after twelve months of waiting, assisted with the birth of a stunning baby girl pony. (Picture by Elaine Barone, used with permission)

Third, I have found myself following the “birth cam” for April, a giraffe living at the Animal Adventure Park outside of Binghamton in Harpursville, NY. Ever since the Adventure Park started a live cam of April, millions of people have been tuning in to watch the progress of April’s pregnancy. Check out the Park and April. (Picture from Wikimedia Commons)

Through a little Googling, I discovered that giraffes have a pregnancy of fourteen to fifteen months waiting for the birth of the calf (which I learned is the name of a baby giraffe. Thank goodness for Google!).

That is a lot of waiting. And how appropriate is April’s name since we really associate the new life of spring with that month of the year.

In all cases, the waiting is definitely worthwhile—a new baby girl, beautiful pony, little giraffe, or blossoming daffodil. The preparation and anticipation also make the ultimate arrival so much more special and sweet! (Picture from Wikimedia Commons)

Until next time . . .


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