The Lord is Kind and Merciful

“The Lord is kind and merciful”

This statement of faith was sung by the Community of Sisters, Associates and friends who were gathered in celebration of Mercy Day at the Convent of Mercy in Albany this week. The word kindness appears so often in the context of mercy. Kindness is something we all want to receive and strive to give; we know all too well how much it hurts to be treated by someone who is not kind to us.

It is not always easy to be kind. Sometimes the busyness of life, tiredness, or even an unkind person, can challenge our ability to be aware of others and to act with kindness.
Last year on Mercy Day at Maria College, we unveiled a statue of Catherine McAuley who founded the Sisters of Mercy. On September 24th 1827 she opened the very first house of mercy in Dublin, Ireland. She was a woman of extraordinary kindness. For her, kindness could be as simple as a reassuring look, a smile, or a listening ear. On the wall next to her statue is written the words from Sr. Mary Whickham’s poem The Door of Mercy:

“The door of Mercy stands on the threshold of need; its single key is kindness which is always in the lock.”

This Mercy Day, and every day, let us try some simple acts of kindness. This week you will have the opportunity to attend events and activities which remind us as a College Community who we are and why we are here. We are part of the Mercy story and are called to bring something gentler and more compassionate into the world. Click here to find out more about the celebrations. You are welcome to attend whatever you can. Thank you for being part of this Mercy community. You are valuable to us and we hope you will take what you learn here to be at the kind service of others in a world of great need.

Victoria L. Battell

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