In Loving Memory: Holly Desmond West

Holly West Remembrance

In Loving Memory of
Holly Desmond West
December 9, 1954 – January 7, 2016

On September 11, 1989, Holly was welcomed as a new faculty member in Maria’s Early Childhood program by Sister Josephine Reynolds, Academic Dean. Holly gave tirelessly and passionately to this program and its participants for many years.  More recently, she was instrumental in the founding of the college’s Psychology program. A presentation in November of 1990 summarizes Holly’s dedication to teaching and her students the best. She stated, “As an educator, I have always tried to create an atmosphere of risk-taking in my own classroom. I consistently attempt to empower my students to become active and involved learners.”


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    She was the most pleasant soul I got to meet at school! She was a excellent teacher, friend and mother figure. She will be missed greatly! God bless this family in this time of need.

    Submitted by Juanita on

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    Having had the pleasure of working here at Maria College with Holly for many years, I know that her spirit is woven into the very fiber of Maria. God bless.

    Submitted by Anne Devlin on

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