Find Your Study Spot

Locations at and around Maria College in Albany.

When you’re a commuter, you can feel secluded and lost at times. Coming into a new environment and trying to get acquainted at school while getting to know the area can be stressful. So whether you live 20 miles or 5 miles away, here are a few interesting places to consider while waiting for your next class to roll around.

Buckingham Pond

This is one of my favorite places to go and visit in between classes. Nothing beats the effortless sounds of nature and pure relaxation before an exam. Getting fresh air is always essential; it provides you with a clear head and refreshes you. My friends and I would drive there or even walk if we had extra time. It’s a great place to eat your lunch, look over notes, feed ducks or take a stroll around the pond!

Maria’s Student Lounge

If you want a quiet escape but don’t feel like going anywhere, the student lounge located upstairs in Marian Hall is a great place to unwind and relax. It’s quiet and spacious, perfect for when you want some time to yourself. It also has an amazing view of all the stained glass in Fitzgerald Court and the afternoon sunsets.

Spinners Pizza 

Now not to exaggerate but… they have the BEST pizza! It’s only a five-minute drive and close enough that you could even walk to it for some exercise. They have delicious pizza, wings, wraps and more! Sometimes all you need is a bite of cheesy goodness to get you through the day! My favorite order is the chicken bacon wrap, moonshine wings and mozzarella sticks! You can’t “ace” the exams on an empty stomach 😉

Maria’s Library

Last but not least, the Maria College library is a great place to go and get your study on! Not only is it equipped with hundreds of books and plenty of computers, but the Maria librarians are very helpful in gathering information on challenging academic topics.  After all, before computers and technology, books were the path to education! So go back to basics and give the library a chance, you’ll be surprised on how much you enjoy learning!

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