Let’s Get Organized

A busy schedule requires an organized life!

Organization had never been a challenge or a big part of my life until college. Attending Maria College and working full time made me learn the importance of planning ahead and staying organized. I work at a daycare facility ten hours a day and juggling that with evening classes can be stressful and hectic. So here are a few tips to help ease you into a busy schedule without being overwhelmed by everything going on around you!

1. Pack Your Bag the Night Before

For some this can be quite a chore, including myself, but it pays off in the morning when you’re in a rush to head out the door. I have found that I eat healthier when I pack my lunch, and it allows me to try out new recipes. Along with my lunch I pack my workout clothes, water bottle, and a small bag of makeup just in case I’m really running late and want to touch up throughout the day. The last thing that I do is brainstorm outfit ideas for the next day. I lay out my clothing except the tops for the morning, depending on the weather and the mood I’m in!

2. Emphasize Exercise

Now I know what you’re thinking…Are you crazy?! Exercise? While working and going to school?! How? I believe exercising is a major key to living a healthy lifestyle, but it was not always an easy, everyday task for me. What I’ve learned is you don’t need a fitness club to stay in shape.  I’ve saved money and stayed fit by just using the stairs and jogging in the neighborhood.  Maria College offer great (and free) fitness classes like yoga! I usually do cardio at the gym and incorporate core training with my exercise ball that I bought for $7 at Marshalls! Sweating releases toxins in your body, thus leaving you happy and refreshed after a long day. You even sleep better which is always a bonus!

3. Tech Talk

You may think that the Calendar and Task app on your mobile device aren’t useful and take up space… until you have multiple assignments due and tasks that need to be completed. I constantly find myself using these apps whether it be for my internship, work, doctor’s appointments or even personal events such as birthday parties. Maria College offers Office 365 to their students which comes with a Calendar and Task program for FREE! You can even hook up Office 365 to your smart phone and get notifications for every event/task. These two apps are essential whether it be for scheduling study meet-ups or making grocery lists. Tip:  utilize what is given to you.

I hope you found these tips and suggestions useful and can incorporate them into your daily life. Whether it be for school, work or your personal life, staying organized makes everything easier. Till next time, stay healthy, happy, and humble!


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    Fanjola, I couldn’t agree with you more about the need to be organized to get through busy days! I have a yearly date book that I can’t live without, and I am considering using my electronic tools to help keep my schedule in line too. Thank you for the advice.

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