Tips & Tricks

Discount Coffee

Just walking into the Maria College in Albany NY P.O.D and smelling the aroma of freshly made hazelnut coffee makes me want to buy at least one cup and maybe a re-fill! Unfortunately, buying coffee everyday can financially take its toll on your expenses. However, the Maria College P.O.D offers discounts on your favorite flavors! How, you may ask? It’s simple, just bring in your own mug and fill! A small cup of coffee originally would cost $1.59 (plus tax), but with the Maria College discount you pay only $0.99 (plus tax). So visit the Maria College P.O.D. and pour yourself a cup of energizing coffee!

Wi-Fi Access

Cellphone bills are expensive, so the last thing you want to do is go over your phone company’s data plan. Maria College in Albany offers free Wi-Fi for all students! If you are a Maria College student and need the password, call Maria College IT at (518) 417-9962.  

Monday Minutes

Have you been to the Maria Campus Store? If not stop by and see the new items that they have ordered! The shelves have more than just books.  There’s clothing, accessories, coffee mugs and more. If you’re looking for a way to save a little cash when you’re buying “Maria College gear”, then the College’s weekly eNews, Monday Minutes, is the answer! Occasionally there will be discount codes and prizes for use at the Maria Campus Store. So check your Maria College IN box frequently to see if you have deals in your IN box!

Bus Rides

Did you know that your Student ID doubles as a CDTA bus pass? With your Student ID you can go anywhere for free on a CDTA bus! This is available to each and every student at Maria College. Just simply get on the bus that brings you to your destination and swipe! Quick, Easy & Free…What could be better?!


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