Sisters of Mercy Conference: Nonviolence

October 15, 2018
This past weekend I had the fortunate experience of attending the Sisters of Mercy bi-annual conference on justice. This year’s theme was nonviolence. What made this conference extra special was its location. Mercy By the Sea is a retreat and conference center owned by the Sisters of Mercy in Madison, Connecticut. It is nestled in a quiet small town on the Long Island Sound. Mercy By the Sea is a special place. It is home…
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Breast Cancer Awareness Logo

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In the summer of 2007, a few of my colleagues from RPI and I participated in the Susan G. Koman 3-Day, a 60-mile walk to end breast cancer. I had no personal connection to breast…
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Image of a plate with a fork, knife and spoon

Maria Market Food Pantry

September 28, 2018 Service to Others
As the festivities of Mercy Week begin to wind down here at Maria College, I have been thinking back on how food has been such an important part of the week. Students, faculty, and guests…
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Group of students

Maria’s Longer Table

September 26, 2018 Mission & Values
I have had the fortunate experience these past two weeks to organize two International, “Melting Potlucks” for Maria College with one today. I am continuously amazed on how culture is lived in people. Language, religion,…
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Someone opening a wooden door with a skeleton key

The Lord is Kind and Merciful

September 24, 2018
“The Lord is kind and merciful” This statement of faith was sung by the Community of Sisters, Associates and friends who were gathered in celebration of Mercy Day at the Convent of Mercy in Albany…
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