Independence Day

July 1, 2016 Around Albany
Can you believe that July 4th is just around the corner!     In addition to people hosting delicious barbecues or spending the day at a lake or by a pool, July 4th is a day to remember that in 1776 the thirteen colonies, fighting against the British in the American Revolution which started in 1775, officially declared their independence from British rule in the written document we call the Declaration of Independence which states:…
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My Maria text in sky in front of Marian Hall chapel


June 27, 2016 Academic Resources
Previously known as Web Services, the new MyMaria has entered the College’s resource spotlight!  Among the many tools Maria College provides students with, MyMaria is definitely one of my favorites. It offers students an online…
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fresh produce

Local Produce

June 23, 2016 Around Albany
Maria College’s garden is really thriving as we move through the month of June! Liz offered a great introduction to the garden in her blog post on June 14, and the Maria College Facebook page…
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ripe tomatoes in a garden

Garden Club

June 14, 2016 Activities & Clubs
Have you noticed the garden that recently sprung up at the back of Marian Hall? Members of the Maria College Garden Group have been hard at work, transforming packed earth into a new thriving garden.…
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indoor pool and buoys

Summer Lovin’

June 3, 2016 Around Albany
Now I know what you’re thinking, how could summer school and fun ever be in the same sentence, let alone in the same blog post? Summer is seen as a time of relaxation and fun.…
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