Gearing Up

August 25, 2016 Academic Resources
A New Academic Year Summer? What summer? Can you believe that the new academic year is about to begin here at Maria College on Monday, August 29? As a student and a teacher throughout most of my life, I have always considered New Year’s Day to be the first day of school rather than January 1. I actually really look forward to the start of a new school year as a world of possibilities begins.…
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Junk Drawer Treasures

August 19, 2016 Just for Fun
When my husband and I moved into our house about twenty years ago, I did not plan on having a kitchen junk drawer, but one just materialized over time and is now filled with …well,…
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closeup of colorful crayons

Relax and Color

August 11, 2016 Just for Fun
As I prepared to write a blog entry during the first days of August, I stumbled across the fact that August 2 of each year is National Coloring Book Day. It seems that a company…
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Book page in heart shape with library background

Reading to Children

August 1, 2016 Service to Others
I am an English teacher who truly believes in the power and importance of language and the value of reading!!!  But I am definitely not alone…not by a long shot! The value of reading, no…
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red tulips - Act of Mercy

Act of Mercy

July 28, 2016 Around Albany
Reading the local newspaper, the Times Union, last week, I came across a fascinating series of articles by Paul Grondahl, a long-time feature writer for the paper. The articles introduced me to a yearly event…
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