Act of Mercy

July 28, 2016 Around Albany
Reading the local newspaper, the Times Union, last week, I came across a fascinating series of articles by Paul Grondahl, a long-time feature writer for the paper. The articles introduced me to a yearly event in one of Albany’s sister cities—Nijmegen, Netherlands. Nijmegen became one of Albany’s sister cities shortly after World War II due to an act of mercy that Albany, NY, bestowed on the people of the city of Nijmegen which was horribly…
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Pokémon in front of Marian Hall

Pokémon Go

July 21, 2016 Around Albany
OK...I just can’t avoid the topic for this week’s blog: Pokémon Go. Yikes!!!! Everywhere I turn from Facebook to the TV to the internet, there are stories about this smartphone game that everyone is supposedly…
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pencil on dictionary

Stress Relievers

July 19, 2016 Academic Resources
While juggling work, studying, and finishing projects, I tend to get stressed and sometimes sick during the last week of the academic semester. I usually get a little cold that doesn’t go away until after…
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lake view in autumn

Inspired by Nature

July 14, 2016 Around Albany
With Maria College located in the middle of Albany, NY, we are perfectly situated to do some fascinating exploring of the area around us! We already started some of this exploration in my last two blogs…
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books lined up on a shelf

Book Worms

July 11, 2016 Academic Resources
Even though technology has progressed throughout the years and become a major part of learning, grabbing a good old-fashioned book is still essential. For instance, for me, Financial & Managerial Accounting was one course that…
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