Graduation 2016

As the count to graduation is now just days, I find myself looking back on my experiences as a Maria College (Albany NY) student.  I’ve met people from many walks of life; each has their own story and their own challenges. As is the case with every organization, I found a circle of friends to share mutual interests. But like everything else in life, it was a learning process. In the two years I’ve been a student, Maria College has helped me figure out exactly who I wanted to be after graduation. As they say, “all good things must come to an end,” and on May 15th a Maria student chapter ends but a new one begins in my life!   If you are graduating, here is a list of things that you may want to do before you move your tassel to the left side of the graduation cap:

Teacher Appreciation

Everyone wants to be noticed for their hard work, even your professors. So before you leave for the last time, stop by the teacher’s lounge and thank your advisor and teachers! A small card or even a face to face thank-you can brighten their day and re-assure them that they have made an impact in your educational life. Also, stay in contact and network with them because they’ve been in your shoes before and know what works and what doesn’t.

Cap Decoration

Let your creativity take the wheel and decorate your cap! It’s a great way to let your inner artist take over and it allows you to reminisce on your time here at Maria! Jo-Ann and Michael’s craft stores have some great discounts and affordable decorations and tools. Let your cap reflect who you are and don’t be afraid to get a little goofy, especially when your family and friends are teary-eyed and might need a chuckle or two!

Resume Posting

Post-graduation and you’ll want to have your career search in high gear that fits your degree and puts your new knowledge into practice. Your Maria College education gave you career tools and more at College Central Network. If you are completely new to this, stop by the Career Center in the main building and get all the information you need from David Covey, Maria Career Services Coordinator.  Maria’s partner, College Central, allows you to post your resume online providing local employers the opportunity to review your qualifications and hopefully open the door to an interview.

Graduation Agenda

Make sure you know the agenda for this year’s graduating class! With finals week coming up and projects being due the last thing you want to worry about is graduation. All of the information that you may want to know such as the location, routine etc. can be found on the Maria College Commencement webpage. Print out a couple of copies of the directions and hand them out to family and friends!


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