Real-life Applications of Maria Communication Courses

As a college senior, I’ve taken a lot of useful classes. In particular, I would like to tell you about the positive impact of two recent courses. Last fall, I took Foundations of Communication. The following spring, I took Strategic Communication. Both courses were taught by Jessica Otitigbe.

In Foundations of Communication, I was given an introduction to communication theory. In addition, I also learned about the verbal and nonverbal components of communication and why they are important. As a class, we practiced communication through group dynamics and public speaking. With this practice, I further developed my communication skills for both personal and professional purposes.

Strategic Communication expanded upon what I had learned in the previous semester. Using what I learned, I was able to examine how information is sent and received from different perspectives. The sudden shift to remote learning during COVID-19 caused many challenges within this course. The lack of interpersonal communication caused some confusion and concern among the class. However, the skills we had acquired during the previous classes prepared us for these new challenges. The main skills we relied upon included conveying our ideas clearly, listening effectively, demonstrating confidence while presenting our ideas, giving and receiving constructive feedback, and working well with each other.

As a class, we were tasked with completing group assignments and projects. The challenges of the pandemic forced us to explore different platforms and figure out how we would communicate most effectively. We explored different options and ideas, enabling us to develop a successful plan. Even with the sudden shift in the class format, we were able to work together both efficiently and effectively by following this plan.

While contacting each other through the pandemic, we learned of each other’s individual backgrounds and experiences. We discussed the many challenges we were facing during these uncertain times. Despite our different individual perspectives, we were able to come together as a team. Our shared determination helped us navigate through the remainder of the semester, which created a rewarding experience.

Together these courses provided us with a wide range of skills. These skills helped us adapt to the changes of COVID-19 during the spring semester, both inside and outside the classroom. The experience I have gained in both of these courses has given me a set of skills that I will use throughout my educational and professional careers. It is important to remember that despite the challenges life brings us, education often provides the tools to help us succeed.

Jenna Kehmna ’21
Liberal Arts, Communications Studies

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