Arts and Sciences

A foundation for success

These days, a liberal arts bachelor’s degree is more valuable than ever. When you study liberal arts, you learn to think critically and creatively, to communicate, solve problems, and take action. At Maria, you also learn how to put those skills to work to serve others. That’s an ideal foundation for success in any field—and in life.

Liberal Arts BA

Develops critical thinking, reasoning, and communication skills that can be applied to any career
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Psychology BS

The study of human behavior to improve lives and effect change

Healthcare Management BS

Emphasizes key management skills and an understanding of the healthcare business
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Liberal Arts AA

Lays a strong foundation for continued study toward a baccalaureate degree
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General Studies AS

Provides opportunities to explore career goals while developing essential skills
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Exploring your role in the world

A Maria liberal arts education will give you a unique perspective of the world and your role as a global citizen. You will explore the ideas and beliefs that have guided human beings and shaped civilizations through the expression of art, language, mathematics, and communication. You also will lay a solid foundation for a career or continued study.

Skills that are in demand

Many employers appreciate the broad perspective that a liberal arts education provides and its emphasis on continued learning—in any environment. Graduates of liberal arts programs often are better equipped to navigate new territory and rethink old ways of doing business. Maria graduates have the added advantage of specialized knowledge in your choice of government or communications, two high-demand fields.

College Factual badge - Liberal Arts - Best 2022
College Factual has ranked Maria College in the top 12% nationally for 2022 Best Liberal Arts Schools. The ranking score is based on a total of 980 colleges and universities; Maria’s ranking is #119 on the list.