General Studies AS

Explore your career options while building a strong foundation of skills.

General Studies AS

Our General Studies Degree Program is a good starting point for students who need to develop additional skills or fulfill academic prerequisites for more advanced career or educational programs. General studies also offers opportunities to explore career goals and take courses for educational enrichment.

The program’s curriculum is grounded in the humanities and is intended to nurture a respect for the value, dignity, and diversity of all people. Our goal is to provide the education and skills that can open doors, especially in fields that involve service to others.

Choosing General Studies as an Associate’s Degree

The general studies program at our private college gives you a solid educational foundation from a broad variety of courses. Pursuing this option may allow you more time to discover your interests in a specific major. During the courses, you will be able to explore your interests, while also becoming prepared for a variety of career pathways.

Courses like English, math, sciences, public speaking, and more will help in any career you choose after obtaining your associate’s degree. With your general studies associate’s degree, you can go on to fulfill many entry-level careers right after graduating or you can move on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the field of your choice. Create your own academic path at our private college and be one step closer to the career of your dreams. Contact us today!

Plenty of options, for classes and scheduling

The 60-credit degree program includes 30 credits of free electives, so you can explore your interests. We encourage you to consider taking a block of courses in a particular field to help lay the foundation for a career or further education.

Courses are offered days, evenings, and weekends. Some are also available online. Small classes and a warm, encouraging environment contribute to student success.

  • Program Learning Outcomes

    By their completion of the Associate in Science Degree in General Studies Program, students will be able to:

    • Demonstrate the skill of problem solving, use scientific reasoning, perform specific calculations, and/or apply logical organizational skills.
    • Critically analyze written and oral material.
    • Demonstrate basic knowledge of human needs, values, ethical decision-making frameworks, and diverse cultures.
    • Speak and write technically correct English in order to express oneself with clarity and purpose.
    • Access a variety of information resources (e.g. computer, library, databases), evaluate the quality of the information, and effectively use the information.
  • Course Overview

    The General Studies student must successfully complete 60 credits as follows:

    12 credits to fulfill the College requirement of three credits in RES 201, Foundations in Social Justice, and an additional three credits in Philosophy or Religious Studies, and six credits in English, consisting of English 111, Composition I, and ENG 211, Critical Inquiry and Writing.

    18 credits of a liberal arts and sciences core in areas of:

    • Humanities (English, non-studio Art and Music, etc.);
    • Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, etc.);
    • Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Economics, etc.);
    • Religious Studies/Philosophy

    30 credits of free electives.

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Ya D Na, General Studies

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