Class Notes: 1980s

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Jacqueline Tremont — Love to hear from classmates. Best thing I did was become a Nurse.


Karen L. Frasier — January 2016 retired from full-time employment - working only 2-3 days a week.
Submitted: May 2017


Catherine S. Huber (Cole) — Enjoying reaping the benefits of Nursing for the last thirty-seven years - from LPN to Maria RN! Excellent preparation for my Masters. Currently growing the LPN program at Mildred Elley. God Bless America and God bless our veterans!
Submitted: May 2017

Nancy A. (Marconi) DeNofio — Married. Have twenty-five year old son who graduated from Oneonta College in 2014. Love cooking, gardening and my 2 furry kids (dogs), Daniel and Chip.
Submitted: May 2017


Ericka Helmer — Married for twenty years, 4 children, work in education, BSN program.
Submitted: May 2017


Howard Flierl — I have turned 75 and I am learning how to use the computer.
Submitted: May 2017

Tina. M. (Young) Wensley — earned her AAS in management and works at Alexander W. Cruden & Co, Certified Public Accountants in Albany. She is pursuing her bachelor’s in management at Empire State College and expects to graduate in June 2015.
Submitted: Fall 2014


Leslie Ann (Douglas) Lastra — 2011 Florence Nightingale Award Recipient for Nursing Excellence. Happily married thirty-four years. Three adult children. Love to travel, sew and cross country ski.
Submitted: May 2017

Linda Boomer, RN — who earned her AAS in nursing, is now 72 and living in Florida. Even so, she continues to renew her NYS RN license.
Submitted: Fall 2014

Cassandra Dunbar — passed the credentialing exam in health information technology in November 2012 and is now a registered health information technologist (RHIT). At Maria, she earned her medical secretary certificate.


Lyn K. Horn — Enjoying lactation counseling - did not want to retire. Hospital setting was not appealing with weekends, night and holidays.
Submitted: May 2017

Robert Rider — has been an RN for 34 years, loves his profession, and is “eternally grateful to the school for helping me fund my education.”


Maria C. Englert Rodden — Graduated 1995 from Sage College with a degree in Family Practice.
Submitted: May 2017