Scholarship Support

Creating a named student scholarship at Maria College is one way to leave a legacy while supporting the dreams of students.

Scholarships are critical to helping Maria College maintain its mission of providing educational opportunities for students from a wide range of work-life circumstances and socioeconomic and academic backgrounds. For many students a combination of institutional financial assistance and scholarship support is the difference between remaining enrolled and withdrawing from Maria. Scholarship awards help to reduce the loan burden for our hard-working students and create clearer pathways for their success.

To give to an existing scholarship, please make an online gift here and include the scholarship name under “other” in the designation section. If writing a check, please include the name of the scholarship in the memo.

An endowed scholarship is an ideal way to memorialize a loved one, honor a favorite instructor or commemorate a special event.

  • Learn How to Create a Scholarship at Maria

    Establishing a Named Scholarship at Maria College

    Donors can establish a personalized endowed scholarship to be held in perpetuity, or create a temporarily restricted scholarship to be used within an academic year.

    Endowed Scholarships

    When an individual or organization establishes an endowed scholarship, the gift is set aside as principal to be invested in perpetuity. The income and earnings from the principal are distributed as scholarship awards. Endowed scholarships are established with a minimum of $25,000 and may be named by the donor.

    Annual Restricted Scholarships

    Individuals who contribute $1,000 or more for scholarships may choose to honor or memorialize an individual or business with a named scholarship. The entire gift is awarded to students within one academic year.

    Scholarship Information

    Prior to creating a general agreement, the following information is needed:

    • Scholarship or Fund Name
    • Information about the Benefactor
    • Purpose of the Fund
    • Eligibility Criteria – Donors are encouraged to be as broad as possible when specifying criteria for scholarship funds.
    • Donor or donor representative contact information
    • Gift amount
    • Any other relevant information

    For more information or to talk with a Maria College representative, please contact Victoria Battell at (518) 861-2525 or