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Giving in Support of Students

November 1 marks the launch of this year’s faculty-staff giving campaign. 

Thanks to your past generous support, we were able to help a nursing student and working mother of four who experienced a series of unfortunate events culminating with a broken-down car, making it difficult for her to get to campus. Maria Cares covered the cost of her service bill and she was able to get back on track.  You also made a difference in the life of a mother with a newborn who became a victim of domestic violence and was forced to leave her home. Unable to juggle the myriad of financial issues and her Maria studies, she sought assistance from Student Affairs. Funds from Maria Cares helped her to pay her car insurance bill, alleviating at least one challenge — that of getting to her Maria classes. Despite setbacks, both students are doing well and have been able to continue on their path to a Maria degree.

These are just two examples of students who have benefited from your support. There are others who have faced similar unforeseen hardships and Maria Cares has helped them to stay on course to degree completion. Last year, 83% percent of employees made contributions to Maria — raising $15,000. This is a remarkable rate — well above the national average for like institutions (43.7) and up from the prior year’s rate of 78%.  We should all be proud!

We hope you will contribute to this year’s Maria Cares Campaign so that we can continue to provide critical financial assistance to students in need. Make your gift by November 30 to be included in the drawing for the monthly Maria Cares parking space! Make a minimum gift of $50 or more and be entered in the drawing for a paid day off. Of course, you may choose to designate your gift to the unrestricted Maria Fund or to an existing scholarship. It’s up to you. But please know that your gift — of any amount — matters! To demonstrate our support for our students, we are looking for 100% participation. Download this printable gift form or donate online to make your gift today.

Thank you!
The Maria Cares Committee

  • Why should I give to Maria College?

    Giving is a personal decision and each person who gives to Maria College has their own answer to that question. In addition to your daily contributions of energy and effort, a financial contribution is a different and important way to demonstrate your investment in Maria College and its students. The number of reasons for giving are diverse but all reflect a sincere belief in the work being done here at Maria College.  Ultimately, your participation in the annual fund is a vote of confidence in the College and its future. Any gift you make will contribute to a sense of partnership and pride across the campus… and beyond.

  • How much should I give?

    You determine the size and designation of your gift according to your own charitable interests, your personal willingness to give, and your financial capacity. No gift is too small. Download this worksheet to help you determine what you can give.

  • Where can I direct my gift?

    In keeping with the “Make Mercy Real” theme, and in coordination with the Office of Student Life and Mission Integration, the Maria Cares Committee has decided that this year’s special designation will be the establishment of a scholarship for students who are economically, educationally or otherwise disadvantaged. The committee believes that a fund of this type ties in beautifully with the mission of the newly created Student Success Center as well as the core Mercy value of compassionate service to those in need. 

    You may also designate your contribution to the Maria Fund – donations are unrestricted and allow for flexibility. They generally are applied to where the need is greatest.

  • How can I give?

    Download the form, and choose from the following choices:

    • Making a one-time gift (cash, check, charge or on-line through PayPal)
    • Payroll Deduction (your gift can be divided up in to equal payment through-out the fiscal year)
    • Recurring gifts (via a Credit Card or on-line through PayPal)
  • How does payroll deduction work?

    Payroll deduction is one of the fastest, easiest and most convenient ways to make a gift to Maria College. By completing the Faculty-Staff Contribution Form you can decide how much you want to give and then it can be divided by the number of pay periods left in the Fiscal Year (July 1 through June 30).

  • Who will know about my gift?

    Participation in the campaign is your choice. Your team captain will know you made a gift but unless you tell them they won’t know the amount. The Development Staff and the Business office will know the amount of your gift and the amount of your gift will remain confidential.

  • What if my partner/spouse works for a matching gift company?

    Once you complete the matching gift form, which they can get from their HR department. Please give the form to Sandra Grady and she will process the matching gift with your company.