One of the most popular of all majors, psychology is the study of human behavior and it provides students with the flexibility to move into a number of highly rewarding careers. Whether your career aspirations take you to graduate school or you prefer to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation, an undergraduate degree in psychology from Maria College will give you the foundation you need to succeed.

Program Highlights

    • The psychology major is highly flexible – providing students with the ability to transfer from other majors. 
    • The diversity of psychology course offerings ensures that our majors will find a professional focus that meets their interests.
    • The Maria psychology program allows students to conduct research as a part of their undergraduate education.
    • All psychology majors are required to take either an internship or a co-op position during their academic program to increase their marketability upon graduation.
    • Our psychology major allows students to develop a complementary focus outside their  major – such as management or even gerontology. 


Events & Activities Include:
  • Career Panels – hear from professionals with psychological training speak about their careers.
  • Field Trips – visit psychological, psychiatric or educational facilities as well as corporations where psychologists are employed.
  • Community Service / Fundraising – provide support for mental health and community organizations.
  • Brain Awareness Week – educate the community about the latest research on the brain and behavior.
  • Films – watch and discuss films that address psychological phenomenon.
  • Discussions – discuss how psychology theories apply to current events and/or can be used to solve interpersonal and societal problems.


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