Frequently Asked Questions

If you have other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Maria College and we would be glad to assist you.

  • How do I apply?

    Applying to Maria College is easy. It is recommended that you apply online, but you can also download our paper application, or request that we send you an application in the mail. For more information visit our admissions section.

  • Where is Maria located? Can I schedule a visit?

    Maria College’s small, picturesque campus is located in the Capital District just minutes from shopping, dining and entertainment, view our Visit page. 

  • When is the admissions application deadline?

    The Deadline for the Nursing and Occupational Therapy Assistant program is March 1st . All other programs at the college have a rolling admission policy, which means that students can be admitted until the start of their desired semester.

  • What else is needed to complete the admission application process?

    The requirements for admission are based upon the type of application you are completing and the program you are interested in. Here are some links that can help you:

    First Year Student General Admission Requirements 
    Transfer Student General Admission Requirements
    International Student General Admission Requirements
    Returning Student General Admission Requirements

    The following links will provide you with specific details for certain academic admission requirements:

    Prospective Practical Nurse Certificate Program Students
    Prospective Associate Degree in Nursing Students
    Prospective Bachelor Degree in Nursing Students

  • What high school grades do I need to get accepted?

    At Maria College we review each candidate as an individual. There is no minimum required high school average. Ideally, students should have at least an 80 high school average or better if they are interested in our Nursing Programs.

  • Information about SAT and ACT exams

    At Maria College, we review each candidate as an individual.

    The SAT or ACT exam is an admission requirement for a current high school student. However, if you have not taken the SAT or ACT exam, especially if you are not a student currently in high school, our Placement Test will substitute for the SAT or ACT.

    Students with previous college experiences are not required to take the SAT or ACT.

  • How do I request my SAT/ACT scores be sent to Maria College?

    To request your SAT scores, you will need to sign on to and request to have your scores sent to Maria College. Most high schools will include the SAT scores on their transcript.

    To request your ACT scores, you will need to log in to and request to have your scores sent to Maria College. Most high schools will include the ACT scores on their transcript.

  • How do I request my GED transcript to be sent to Maria College?

    Students must request an official copy through the agency in which they completed your GED.

    New York State residents can find specific instructions on how to request their GED at:

  • My final high school transcript is not available yet. What should I do?

    If you are still in high school, please have your most recent high school transcript sent to us at the time of your application. Then once you graduate, you will need to request that a final transcript be sent to Maria College.

  • Do you accept Advanced Placement or International Baccaulaureate credit?

    Yes, Maria College recognizes college-level courses taken by students while they are still attending high school.

    • To provide your AP credit, you will need to sign in to and request to have your scores sent to Maria College.
    • To recognize courses taken at a college while in high school, you will need to request that the college that you attended or received the credit from send us an official transcript.
  • After I've sent my application, about how long will it take for me to get an admission decision?

    You should be notified of an admission decision within 2 to 3 weeks after we receive ALL of your required documents for admission. For the Nursing and Occupational Therapy Assistant Programs you will be notified after March 1.

  • Are there spots still available for my program?

    Maria College has a rolling admission policy which means that students can be admitted until the start of their desired semester. However, please be aware that space is limited in our Nursing and Occupational Therapy Assistant Programs. Students interested in these programs are encouraged to complete their application early. Please contact the admission office to determine your best course of action.

  • What is the TEAS?

    The Test of Essential Academic Skills VI is a multiple-choice assessment of basic academic knowledge in reading, mathematics, science, and English and language usage. The TEAS VI exam is required of all applicants who are applying for direct entry into the A.A.S. Nursing program or Practical Nurse Certificate program. Please note that High School applicants can substitute their SAT scores for tthe TEAS VI exam scores. The required scores are as follows:

    A.A.S. Nursing Program
    Reading 70.5%
    Mathematics 69%
    Science 53.6%
    English 63.8%

    Practical Nurse Certificate Program
    Required Scores: Meet or exceed the overall national average score for the combined four sections.

  • Are interviews a part of the admissions process at Maria College?

    It is recommended that every application have an interview with an Admission Counselor.

  • Is housing available to students at Maria College?

    Maria College currently does not offer on-campus housing, but we are willing to assist you in finding an off-campus apartment if you plan on enrolling at Maria and live outside of the Capital District.

  • What happens on Fast-Track Admission Days? What should I bring with me?

    Fast-Track Admission Days are an opportunity for you to complete the entire admission process in just a couple of hours and discuss your financial aid and plan of studies. We encourage you to complete your application before attending, but if not you will be able to apply then.

  • How do I register for classes?

    Once you are admitted to Maria College and pay your $100 or $200 enrollment deposit, you will then be eligible to register for classes. Registration occurs during our Orientation and Registration days held prior to the start of the semester. Please contact the Admission’s Office for more information.

  • Does Maria College offer RN programs?

    Maria College offers a Nursing AAS RN degree as well as the Bachelor degree completion. Day and evening enrolling is available for our RN program – our program is designed to meet the scheduling needs of traditional and non-traditional students.