Tutoring Services


The Mary Beth O’Brien Tutoring Center provides the highest quality academic assistance to all Maria College students in an approachable, accessible, and professional environment. Our qualified staff of peer and professional tutors foster students’ academic success and individual skill development through personal and group support, as well as through technological, embedded, and on-line tutorial resources.

Located in the Frank E. O’Brien, Jr. Student Support Center (Mercy Hall), The Mary Beth O’Brien Tutoring Center provides students of all academic disciplines with a collaborative learning environment designed to further develop their academic skills through one-on-on support. Composed of faculty, professional tutors, and peer tutors, the tutoring team works with students individually to improve their approach to learning and hone their skills necessary for achieving academic an professional success.

  • An interactive space to explore and broaden learning potential.
  • Peer and professional tutoring for students in need of supplemental assistance.
  • Workshops and seminars designed to increase the efficacy of your learning practices (e.g. test taking strategies, note taking skills, study methods, etc).
  • Preparation for exams critical to academic and professional advancement such as the TEAS, TOEFL, N-CLEX, COTA, and GRE.
  • Information and referrals to regarding other support units on campus and in the local community.

If you have any questions about us or the services we offer, feel free to call (518) 861-2521 or send us an email at tutoring@mariacollege.edu.

  • Tutoring Services

    Tutoring Conferences

    Students in need of supplemental assistance in specific subjects are encouraged to schedule a conference with a peer or professional tutor. Currently, students can schedule one-on-one or group appointments to review materials from their classes. Conferences are offered regularly when classes are in session and arranged to accommodate day, evening, and weekend schedules.

    How to Schedule an Appointment
    All users must first create a profile before accessing the Tutoring schedule.  

    1. Go to WCOnline login page
    2. Click the link “Register for an account
    3. Complete the Registration Form and create a password for your profile
    4. Return to the login screen after completing form

    After registering, you can now login with your Maria College email address and the password you just created.

    1. Follow the https://mariacollege.mywconline.com/
    2. Enter your email address and password to access the Tutoring schedule
    3. Select an appointment for an available tutor at an available time
    4. Note that appointments can be made weeks in advance by clicking the Calendar icon
    5. Complete the Appointment Form to finish scheduling an appointment

    If you experience any difficulty registering for WCOnline or need assistance in scheduling appointments, please call (518) 861-2521 or visit us in person for one-on-one assistance.

  • More about the Tutors

    Peer Tutoring Program
    One-on-one peer conferences provide a safe space to explore and develop individual approaches to learning. Peer tutors serve as a model for academic success and assist students in adapting to the expectations of college life. Tutors will help to facilitate each student’s growth into a self-reliant, confident scholar eager to contribute to the community at Maria College and the world beyond.

    Tutoring conferences average one hour and will focus on your learning process. Your tutor will assist you in developing the critical thinking skills necessary for academic success. Through collaboration, you and your tutor will analyze complex problems and concepts in order to discover an effective approach to understanding them. Peer tutors will not only assist you in addressing difficult assignments or course materials, they will also provide you with an audience for your academic concerns and provide you with guidance through their experiences as members of the Maria College community. Tutors can be considered experts in the following areas of scholarly life.

    • Study Methods
    • Test-Taking Tactics
    • Time Management Skills
    • Effective Organization Practices
    • Locating and Using Outside Resources
    • Brainstorming and Invention Techniques
    • Critical Thinking Strategies
    • Alleviating Academic Anxiety

    Professional Tutoring
    Differing from the peer tutors, the Mary Beth O’Brien Tutoring Center staffs five professional tutors considered experts in their fields.

    Jason Coley
    Assistant Director of Student Support and Planning
    Areas of Expertise: Rhetoric, Communication and ESL

    Jake Edwards
    Professional Tutor
    Areas of Expertise: Biology, Mathematics, and Writing

    Colleen Reilly
    Professional Tutor
    Areas of Expertise: Writing and Reading Comprehension

    Elijah Foulks
    Opportunity Program Counselor and Professional Tutor
    Areas of Expertise: Communications and Social Sciences

    Rachel Mentor-Warner
    Professional Nursing Tutor
    Areas of Expertise: Nursing

  • Embedded Tutoring and Learning Labs

    In order to better support students in more difficult classes, peer tutors are embedded in the classroom and attend lecture with the students. In class, the tutors can assist the instructor by facilitating discussion and guiding group work. Outside of class, Students are encouraged to attend a Learning Lab led by the tutor so they can receive additional assistance.

    Learning Labs offer student the opportunity to collaborate with their peers in order to grasp some of the more challenging materials they are presented with in class. Under the guidance of a tutor, students are provided an opportunity to directly address questions that they cannot grasp independently. For a full listing of current Learning Labs please visit WCOnline.

    If you have any questions about these services or would like to know more about how to embed a tutor in your class, please email tutoring@mariacollege.edu.

  • English-as-Second-Language Tutoring

    If you are a student in need of supplemental instruction in reading and writing in English, make an appointment with Jason Coley. Appointments can be made online, by phone at (518) 861-2521 or in person by speaking with a TC staff member. Walk-ins are also accepted.

    Jason can work with you at any stage in your work by helping with the following.

    • Understanding class materials or assignment prompts
    • Developing written and oral language proficiency
    • Brainstorming and using pre-writing strategies for developing ideas
    • Drafting and revising a written piece
    • Interpreting instructor feedback on an assignment that has already been turned in

    Please be aware that the ESL tutor does not provide outright grammar correction or copyediting services, but is more focused on working together with you to develop your English language skills in reading comprehension, writing and oral communication.

  • Online Study Rooms

    Student Support is pleased to announce the opening of online study rooms available to all students. In the study rooms you may work together on projects with your peers or simply work alongside your peers even if you are working on different projects (helpful if you get more done in the company of others). The study rooms are located on Blackboard in the course titled Tutoring Center Learning Labs. Once you have entered the course, click on Online Learning Labs, and scroll down to see the list of study rooms. You may have to click on the arrows at the bottom to see all of the rooms. Currently there are six study rooms open, and they operate on a first come, first served basis. Happy studying!

  • Test Preparation

    If you are in need of additional support as you prepare for your exams and professional assessments, contact the Tutoring Center for assistance in the following areas.

    Unit Exam Review Sessions
    Offered throughout the semester, Unit Exam Prep Sessions provide students with an opportunity to address their most concerning questions. These sessions are facilitated by a professional tutor and are typically held in the Student Support Center two days prior to the scheduled unit exam. Each session last for approximately 1 ½ hours. While no reservation is necessary for attendance, we ask that you arrive promptly with specific questions to address.

    For a list of upcoming review sessions, please call (518) 861-2521 or visit the Tutoring Center to speak with a staff member.

    TEAS Prep
    Planning on Taking the TEAS Soon? The Tutoring Center can help you get ready. Start with a diagnostic test to find areas that need improvement, then work with a professional tutor to address those needs. We have learning modules, practice exams, and worksheets to make passing the TEAS a breeze.

    Contact tutoring@mariacollege.edu or call the Tutoring Center at (518) 861-2521 to get started.


    What is the TEAS?
    The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a multiple-choice exam used to assess a student basic academic knowledge. You can check out www.ATItesting.com for more information about the test itself.

    Who has to take the TEAS?
    Maria College requires all students with an intent for the Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) or the Practical Nurse Certificate (PNC) programs take the TEAS. If you have any questions regarding the entrance requirements of these two programs,  please contact Scott Pilecki, Academic Registration Manager, at spilecki@mariacollege.edu

    What subjects does the TEAS cover?
    The TEAS has four sections: Reading, Math, Science and English Language and Usage (Grammar and Writing). 

    What scores are required for admittance to the Nursing Programs at Maria College?
    For the Associates Degree Nursing (ADN) a minimum score on each section as follows.

    • Reading – 70.5%
    • Mathematics – 69%
    • Science – 53.6%
    • English Language and Usage – 63.8%

    For the Practical Nurse Certificate (PNC) priority is given to students who score at or above.

    • Reading – 70%
    • Mathematics – 50%
    • Science – 53.6%
    • English Language and Usage – 50%

    Where will I take the TEAS?
    The TEAS test is administered by ATI (not Maria College) at various locations. You must register through ATI at www.atitesting.com. However, the test is given at Maria several times throughout the year. 

    If you wish to take the TEAS at Maria, select it as your testing site when you register online. You can register through www.atitesting.com. Currently, Maria College offers a computer-based format and the cost is $110.00.

    If you wish to take a paper-based test, visit www.capitalregionboces.org or call the Capital Region BOCES at (518) 862-4709. The cost there is approximately $70.00.

    What happens if I don’t pass the TEAS?
    Currently enrolled students may take the TEAS test twice after beginning classes. The second attempt must be 45 days after the initial attempt. Scores from two separate exams may be combined to take the highest scores. For example, if you pass the Reading and Science sections on the first try, but fail Math and English Language Usage sections, you can take the second test and only focus on Math and English Language Usage. You can use the passing scores from your first test and second test combined to meet the requirements. 

    What can the Tutoring Center do to help me prepare for the TEAS?
    We offer a diagnostic test to help determine what areas of the test you’ll need to work on. Then we can create an individualized study plan, which makes use of Power Point slides, direct instruction, practice questions and websites, instructional videos, and practice tests. 

    I took the TEAS and I only failed one section. Do I have to review everything?
    No. We can just focus on that one section. You can combine the scores on your test. 

    Do I have to come to the Tutoring Center to get help?
    Though some of our material is available on line, we recommend at least some time working with our tutors to get the most benefit from the material. Our tutors can pinpoint where you’re having trouble and suggest what materials will help you. 

    The tutors and workshops aren’t available when I am. How else can I get help?
    We’re really committed to doing what we can to help. Email tutoring@mariacollege.edu and we’ll do everything we can to find a time to meet with you.

    How far in advance should I start preparing for the TEAS?
    That depends on how much of a review you will need. Maybe you only need a quick review of a few skills that can be done in an hour or two. But, you may need to study and practice over a period of weeks. We recommend contacting us as soon as possible for a diagnostic assessment.  

    How do I get started prepping for the TEAS with the Tutoring Center?
    Call the Tutoring Center at (518) 861-2521 or email us tutoring@mariacollege.edu. Do it now while you’re thinking about it.

    The professional tutoring staff can assist students preparing for the NCLEX exam by

    • Providing additional preparation materials
    • Quizzing students with flashcards and model exam questions
    • Giving pointers on how to interpret questions systematically
    • Offering suggestions on time management during the examination.

    If you would like to schedule a one-on-one or group session, please speak with a TC staff member by phone (518) 861-2521 or in person.