Campus Safety

Students should report any criminal or related incidents on campus to the Business Office in the Main Building, (518) 376-0690 and/or summon help from the Albany police by dialing 911.

Students who would like an escort to their automobiles in the college parking lot should request this from the Security Guard located in each building. When Maria is officially closed, students need permission from the Business Office to enter campus buildings.

If you would like to view campus crime statistics for Maria College, visit This is a link to reported criminal offenses for more than 6,000 colleges and universities in the United States.

The college campus is equipped with an Alert Beacon (through Alertus Technologies), a device that sounds and flashes to capture the attention of building occupants at a distance and displays a custom message about the nature of the emergency and how to respond.

Alertus Desktop Notification will notify students and faculty immediately on computer desktops when an emergency occurs.