Tuition & Fees

 A private school education at a public school cost
All Degrees & Certificates 2015-16
Full-time* Tuition $6,510/semester
  Fees $160/semester
Part-time** Tuition $555/credit hour
  Fees $80/semester 






Other Expenses

Additional Nursing Fees
Associate Degree in Nursing & Practical Nursing Certificate Fees $600


Optional Fees for Nursing Students
Nursing Clinical Makeup Fee $150
Advance Placement Review Course Fee (NUR 195) $200
PN-RN Transition Skills Course Fee (NUR 199) $25


Additional OTA Fees
OTA Fee $100/semester
OTA Senior Review Seminar/Testing Fee (OCT 230) $250
Malpractice Insurance $20/year


Laboratory/Academic Fees
Art Fee (Ber 120, EAC 130) $20/course
Science Fee $60/course
Graduation Fee $60


Computer Courses
One-credit Courses $25/course
Two-credit Courses $50/course
Three-credit Courses $75/course


Miscellaneous and Optional
Life Experience Credit $100/credit hour
Parking Permit  $30/year

Full-time Students*

Any student carrying 12 to 18 credit hours is considered a full-time student. Unless required, credit hours in excess of 18 will be charged the appropriate per credit hour rate.

Part-time Students**

Any student carrying less than 12 credit hours in any semester is considered part-time.

Auditing Students

Any student registered for a course, but who does not seek credit is considered an auditor, and will be charged at $275/credit hour plus additional corresponding fees.

Senior Citizen Audit

Senior citizens, who are 62 years of age or older, may audit one course per semester, tuition free and may enroll only during the late registration period, on a space-available basis and with the consent of the instructor. Corresponding fees will be charged to the student based upon the course audited.